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This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of personal data of all our users with regard to the products and/or services of Boóc Péter EV. In this Privacy Policy we explain how the personal data is processed and for which purposes the data are being processed. This Privacy Policy furthermore contains information about our cookie policy. By using the products and/or services of Boóc Péter EV. and accepting this Privacy Policy, the following terms shall apply.

Disclosing personal data is not required

A user shall at all times have the option whether or not to disclose personal data. However, for the use of a number of our products and/or services it is requested to disclose personal data to Boóc Péter EV. If the input of your details is required, Boóc Péter EV. shall inform you which data is ‘necessary’ to be able to use the products and/or services and which data are ‘optional’.

Processing of personal data

By using the products and/or services ofBoóc Péter EV. processes personal data of its users. This concerns name, telephone number and e-mail address. Furthermore, financial details, such as a bank account number, are being processed if a user purchases paid products and/or services of Boóc Péter EV., if such details are necessary for the payment of said products and/or services.

The processing of personal data takes places in the following situations:

Formation and execution of an agreement with a user;
Administrative processing; to offer and/or deliver the products and/or services as purchased by a user;
Invoicing; in case of paid products and/or services. Should payment fail, Boóc Péter EV. may pass on the claim for collection, to a debt collection company;
To make a personal account on the website of Boóc Péter EV. and/or app;
In the aforementioned situations name, telephone and e-mail address details are necessary for the execution of the agreement.

To offer a user the option to place and exchange information on one or more of our websites;
to send user newsletters, offers, user information, service notices and/or other electronic messages that may be relevant for the user, in case the user has explicitly agreed thereto;

To make direct offers to user or for other promotional purposes, via e-mail and/or telephone in case the user has explicitly agreed thereto. In this regard Boóc Péter EV. cooperates with third parties;
In the aforementioned situations the personal data, e-mail address, are provided optionally for which processing User provides permission.

To control, analyze, maintain, optimalize and secure our products and/or services and to detect and deter misuse and/or fraud of our products and/or services;
To determinate strategic analyses and reports of our products and/or services; and/or
If a user visits one of our (mobile) websites, our servers may (automatically) save information such as URLs, IP-addresses, browser types, languages, data and times of the visits;
In aforementioned situation Boóc Péter EV. has a legitimate interest to process personal data.

The provided personal data shall solely be processed by Boóc Péter EV. for the purpose of the execution of the products and/or services and, more specific, the express purpose for which the personal data is collected.

Rights users

All our users have a right of information, access, to rectification, to erasure, restriction of processing, to data portability and to object the processing of his/her personal data.

In cases user wishes to invoke one or more of these rights, he/she may contact Boóc Péter EV. through user may erase or rectify his/her personal data in the software.

Transfer to third parties

Notwithstanding the below mentioned, only persons authorized by Boóc Péter EV. for the security and/or processing and/or maintenance of IT-structure have access to personal data of users.

For the purposes as set out in this Privacy Statement we involved a processor with whom we closed an agreement to ensures that the controller offers sufficient assurance with regard to technical and organizational safety measures.

Boóc Péter EV. shares personal data the following parties:

3 in 1 Hosting Számítástechnikai és Szolgáltató Betéti Társaság. (Data Storage, Domain)

In case you discover a data breach, it is of utmost importance that we are informed. You may report this through Your report and data will be treated confidentially.

Boóc Péter EV. shall not provide personal data of its users to third parties unless set out in this Privacy Statement and/or unless this is necessary for the execution of its Products and/or services, on the basis of a statutory provision or in case of an emergency if this is, in the reasonable opinion of Boóc Péter EV., in the interest of it users. This includes legitimate requests of authorities, summons or court orders, acts to investigate or prevent damages or fraud, or acts to guarantee the safety of our network and our Products and/or Services.


Children below the age limit of local regulations shall not be allowed to make use of our site and/or register for our apps, without permission from their parents or legal representatives.


Boóc Péter EV. has taken adequate technical and organizational measures to secure the personal data of its users against loss or unlawful processing.

Retention period

The personal data shall solely be stored during the period which shall be necessary for the execution of the purposes as set out above, unless applicable laws prescribe longer retention periods in which case the personal data shall be stored for the period as prescribed by the applicable laws.